Så du Pangea Day?

«An incredibly inspiring event!! It brought me both tears of joy and sadness on several occasions. Best four hours spent in front of the television EVER!»

Dear Global TED Community
The above comment is typical of the amazing torrent we’ve been receiving from all over the world in response to Pangea Day, the TED-packed globa film event that broadcast on Saturday. You can read more of the comments below.

But did /you/ see Pangea Day? What was your experience? And what would have made it better? Please write to us:  feedback@pangeaday.org. No one has ever put on an event quite like this before, so it’ really important to me to hear the collective wisdom of the TED community.

If you missed it, or want to revisit, there’s a one-hour highlights package here and all the films can be viewed on the pangeaday.org website.

Or check out the LA Times’ write-up

A giant thank you to the many people in the TED community who made this day possible. It’s been truly thrilling to see Jehane’s TED Prize wish, that seemed so impossible two years ago, turned by you into dazzling reality.

– Chris Anderson TED Curator

Here follows just a small sample of the thousands of comments we’ve

already received: 

Barbara A. from Mexico 
This has been one of the most inspiring and beautiful events I have ever experienced. Let’s never forget what we all felt and experienced today.

Organizer DR from Dominican Republic 
As the only organizer of a public event in the Dominican Republic I was pleased incredibly. The show exceeded my expectations completely…

karima saad from United Kingdom
I am speechless. But i am sure of one thing, that while i was attending Pangea Day in London, those 4 hours were felt as if i was part of the whole world as one community, rather than countries divided by borders.

Cmsilva from Portugal 
We joined 45 in a private event in portugal. It was great. Next year we’ll be more, for sure.

Marina from Brazil 
If I had to express my experience in words, I would not be able to. These were the best movies I have seen as an expression of art. And all the movies combined, just changed my way of thinking….

Marcosncosta from China 
Loved the event. Hope next year it can be bigger and better.

LIDIA from Argentina
I didn’t know that Pangea existed. I feel too moved to speak and happy that so many people feel that really all of us are ONE.

Light Sister from United States
Thank you all so much for this World Consciousness Raising Event. In my 59 plus years of life, I have never felt so hopeful about the direction this world is taking…

Rhea from India
I am 23 years old and I just finished watching the Pangea Day broadcast. it’s 4:00 am here and I couldn’t go to bed without writing to you and telling you how beautiful, thought provoking it was.


HiO, avd est Mette Strøm


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