Å bygge en katedral – kuppelen i Firenze

Et eksempel til etterfølgelse: «The way forward should have been clear enough. For the past fifty years the south aisle of the unfinished cathedral had housed a 300-foot-long scale model of the structure, in effect the artist’s impression of what the cathedral should look like once finished. The problem was that the model included an enormous dome – a dome that, if built, would be the highest and widest vault ever raised. And for fifty years it had been obvious that no one in Florence – or anywhere in Italy, for that matter – had any clear idea of how to construct it. The unbilt dome of Santa Maria del Fiore had therefore become the greatest architectural puzzle of the age. Many experts considered its erection an impossible feat. Even the original planners of the dome had been unable to advise how their project might be completed: they merely expressed a touching faith that at some point in the future God might provide a solution and that architects with a more advanced knowledge would be found.»

lRoss King: Brunelleschi’s Dome, Pimlico, London 2000


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